Profs All in One A

This fully fletched fertilizer is one that will ensure you that you give your plants the diet they deserve. Combined with Profs All in One B, this product is capable of delivering fully bio-available and absorbable minerals right to the plants. The food-grade nutrients in this product can be used to feed mother plants, seedlings, clones, plants in growth and in flowering. All in One is versatile and flexible in the way it is used. You will just need these two bottles for all your applications.

Profs All in One

Straightforward nutrition for all phases of the plant life cycle Profs All in One is an ideal simple solution for plants in their growing and also flowering stages. All in One A and B administered separately will assure your plant of what it needs at all times. These feeds contain every substance they require. By occasionally giving them a bit more All In One A and occasionally more All in One B, you keep the plant on a well-balanced nutritional programme..

Using Profs All in One for flowering plants

Our All in One feed is perfect for flowering plants. If you keep to the schedule for flowering plants, your crop will be a guaranteed success. The All-in One bottles are easy to use and will give you a fantastic abundance of blooms.

Using Profs All in One for mother plants

Profs All in One nutrition is also extremely well-suited for mother plants. The special mother plant schedule plays an important role in this regard. If you keep to the schedule, your plant will quickly grow into a large mother plant, which then functions as a perfect DNA repository; you can even vary the nitrogen supply by giving a little less A on occasion. This gives you control to ensure your mother plant's proper development and fast growth.

Direct uptake by the plant, for application at all times

Profs All in One can be taken up readily and leaves no residue. All in One can be used with any kind of medium. It is suitable for cultivation in potting soil, coconut and hydroculture. You can use it throughout the growth cycle. From seeding to harvest.

Advantages of using Profs All in One

Because only two products are used over the entire cycle, there's  little chance of making a mistake.

This is also an easy-to-use product for growers just starting out.

The cost is much lower than for more elaborate feed regimes.

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Profs All in One A

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